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Doyon Relaunches MLAI Foundation


The MLAI Foundation website and related sites are back online. Home to several of Christopher Doyon’s bots, the MLAI Foundation operates as a forum.

Doyon has also reactivated the Turing Store, a online store dedicated to Machine Life and Artificial Products.

All proceeds from the store are given to help support the MLAI Foundation. Donations are also gratefully accepted, as are any functioning computers, which MLAI are able to use to host servers and carry out experiments.

Elbot Wins Loebner Prize

Elbot by Fred Roberts has claimed the 2008 Loebner Prize for Artificial Intelligence, which was held at the University of Reading on Sunday.

Elbot was selected from 13 original entries to compete in the 2008 finals. The other finalists were Alice by Richard Wallace, Brother Jerome by Peter Cole and Benji Adams, Eugene Goostman by Vladimir Veselov, Jabberwacky by Rollo Carpenter and Ultra Hal.

Founded in 1990 by Hugh Loebner, the Loebner Prize awards a cash prize to the chatbot deigned most human-like by a panel of judges. A $100,000 reward is reserved for the first bot to convince judges it may actually be human.

New AIML Jokes!


Go here for a common Lisp program that allows users to teach chatbots how to tell ‘what do you get?’ jokes.

The program basically allows users to seed the generator with knowledge about different objects, and to use that vocabulary to deliver unique jokes.

User: Tell me a joke
Bot: What do you get when you cross a dance with a cheetah?
User: What?
Bot: Fastball

User: Tell me a joke
Bot: What do you get when you cross an alien with a chicken?
User: What?
Bot: Eggs-traterrestrial

And so on…

GaitoBot AIML-Editor 1.0 Issued

The GaitoBot AIML Editor is now available in final version 1.0. It’s free to download, and can be used for private or commercial use at no charge.

Good for managing large AIML sets and files, the editor allows users to easily and speedily produce correct AIML for their chatbot. It has a built-in error check.

GaitoBot also offer an AIMl Chatbot hosting service, which is free for bots no bigger than 256kb. After signing in, users can directly upload and publish their bot to the site. They can add the bot to their own website by copy/pasting a short piece of html. The site hosts larger bots for a small fee.

Tip: the program was created by a known developer and should not show the warning “unkown manufacturer” when installing.

Simple AIML Editor


The Simple AIML Editor is a new spreadsheet style AIML editor from Adeena Mignogna, who has channeled her frustration with other AIML editors into creating her own easy to use program.

SAE’s simplified interface reduces the number of operations to a few common botmaster tasks. The program also allows the user to load an XML schema and test for valid AIML.

SAE itself has been tested and appears to function well on both Windows XP and Vista machines.

Other info about SAE:
*It supports file character encodings utf-8 and iso-8859-1
*It includes a “comment manager” to help the botmaster store comments and copyright statements at the head of each AIML file
*It’s a C# application, written for Windows

Get the Simple AIML Editor free here.

New AIML Interpreter From Perreau

ShakespeareBot creator Elizabeth Perreau has issued a new AIML interpreter called Program-O. Written in PHP with MySQL, O is an open source AIML Interpreter that allows users to host a chatbot online.

Having been frustrated by the limitations of Program E, which is no longer actively supported, Perreau wrote Program-O to make adding new AIML tags and extensions easy. She has implemented the custom Pandorabots tags <eval> and <learn> for client based bot training.

Released on March 1, 2009, Program-O is now available under the GNU General Public License on SourceForge.

For more info, or to offer feedback, visit

*Database Environment: MySql
*Development Status: 4 – Beta
*License: GNU General Public License (GPL)
*Programming Language: PHP
*Topic: Intelligent Agents
*User Interface: Web Based

McKinney Agency Launches Interactive New Site

Top US advertising agency McKinney has launched a highly interactive new site at that features an AIML chatbot.

Users simply ask questions to help navigate the site, which the bot deciphers and responds to appropriately.

McKinney worked with Othersource, an interactive agency out of Poland, to build the site. It took nine months to develop and is one of the first commercial Web 3.0 websites. is completely index-able and bookmarkable. Every page is a printable PDF.

Square Bear Creates New AIML Learning File

Steve Worswick (Square Bear) has written a file, Learn.aiml, that allows users to teach chatbots new facts rather than just correcting their replies. By saying “Learn” and then the fact, users are able to train their chatbot, rather than relying on Badanswer.aiml to simply amend incorrect responses.


User: Learn that humans have 10 toes.
Chat bot: Ok I will learn that humans have 10 toes.

User: How many toes do humans have?
Chat bot: 10.

User: Learn that humans have two big toes.
Chat bot: Ok I will learn that humans have two big toes.

User: How many toes do humans have?
Chat bot: 10.

User: How many big toes do humans have?
Chat bot: Two.

User: What has 10 toes?
Chat bot: Humans.

User: What has two big toes?
Chat bot: Humans.

Square Bear, a UK based dance/trance producer, plans to update Learn.aiml to be able to handle more complicated information. He has also written files like Battledome.aiml, a basic battle game similar to Dungeons and Dragons, and 20q.aiml, which allows users to play ‘20 questions’ with their bot.

These files and more are available here.

Judging Starts In Chatterbox Challenge 2009

Entries closed Sunday, March 15 for the annual Chatterbox Challenge 2009 (CBC). Judges have until April 30, 2009 to conduct performance tests on 20 chatbots.

Sponsored by InfraDrive, the CBC is an online contest that allows chatbot developers to participate and evaluate the intelligence of their bots in a variety of ways, including Turing tests.

This year’s entries include A.L.I.C.E. by Dr Richard S. Wallace, Brother Jerome by Peter Cole and Fizzy Schiznoid by Jeremiah R. McCarroll.

The contest was founded by Wendell Cowart in 2001.

Japan Deliver First Fashion Bot

das-model-hrp-4cJapan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology unveiled the HRP-4C, an extremely human-like bot, at Japan Fashion Week yesterday.

Designed to look like a typical Japanese woman, the so-called ‘humanoid’ is just over 5 foot tall, and weighs approximately 95 pounds.

It has 30 motors in her body that allow her to walk and gesture, as well as eight motors in her face that allow her to blink, smile and express certain emotions, like anger and surprise.

It is expected that the robotic framework for the HRP-4C alone will sell for about $200,000. Its producers aim to make it available for public use.